Long Time No Post

Yeah things are moving along here, but the internet and a blog have been less of a priority. Sorry if I haven't replied to emails regarding trades or whatever, I just didn't have any copies to do so.

Issue I sold out relatively fast, and has been gone for a few months now. Not surprising considering the quality of the 7" alone. For those interested, I'm looking into pressing another 100 copies or so.

Issue II will begin to be made once I finish school on Friday. Anyone's band interested in participating with a 7" release?

I started a lame tumblr which is much easier to update. It's just pictures of records I get and shows I go to, no lame reblogs.

My band, Young Stalin, is basically done. We only had four original songs and played only 7 shows; Ottawa (4), Montreal (2), Toronto (1). We might record our songs later this year, for historical purposes of course. I'll post some live pix at the bottom.

My quality records of 2010 list (with a more detailed analysis in Issue II, I'm sure):
GERM ATTAK - Death to Cops (duh!)
OMEGAS - Sonic Order EP 
MAMMOTH GRINDER - Extinction of Humanity 
NOMOS // THE MEN - Split CS 
THE MEN - Immaculada 
ANS // ANB - Tribute to Gang Green 
CULO - Military Trend 
FUCKED UP - Year of the Ox (but more so the B-Side). The split with Serena Maneesh was pretty good too. 
VACCINE - Human Hatred 
INEPSY - Madness and Overkill 

Young Stalin:

Hanging out:

Thanks to Andrew Carver, Julie and Lemire for photos. Special thanks to Lemire for always coming out, hanging out, photoing out, and being a good dude.


ACAB Lifestyle

Let's discuss the Zine a bit more with a not so shameless plug. It comes with the latest Germ Attak 7", Death To Cops. Four tracks of that great Germ Attak sound, but all revolving around anti-cop themes. This was a split label effort. I did 100 copies with the zine, and then 3 other labels did 300. Jo's Capitalicide handled Canada, Loud Punk from the US, and Yellow Dog in Europe. A global effort for the group that recently toured Indonesia, Malaysia and Japn after several North American ventures and one in Europe. Each label had the same crazy cover art, done by Scott Benz, but all had their own variations.

Anyways, this post was made simply to hype the new video, by Ottawa local Paul Galipeau. I think more groups should take on music videos. I think they're an awesome medium, and this Germ Attak video is prrof that a simple concept can still be entertaining. Although it inevitably gets used for promotion, I believe that it can be created and exist outside of this purpose. If you're really into the music, you may simply be looking for a new avenue to experience the music. It's part of the reason fanatics love finding demos and live footage. Sure the music is the same, but it's placed in a new context outside of the album it is compiled with. Anyway, here's one track from the Death To Cops 7".


Wasted (by the heat, by the police)

After being assaulted by the police a few short weekends ago, Ontario is now being assaulted with an intense heat wave, so I'm sticking inside to avoid provocation with either. I was spending that last week outside biking, hence no updates.

Any discussion of the police should provoke a discussion of Black Flag. Each action has an equal opposite reaction right? Well, actually I guess even they did not believe it was equal; "Understand we're fighting a war we can't win..." Anyways, a recent thread on VLV (which is currently down so I cannot link you) prompted the following question:

Which is better; the Black Flag or Circle Jerks rendition of the Ginn masterpiece, "Wasted" ?

I think it is pretty crazy that we even have these two versions, both with Morris on vocals. Of course Circle Jerks stole the song, along with other Black Flag tunes such as "I Don't Care" which appears as a demo on Everything Went Black, and "Red Tape," which was never properly released, as well as some Redd Kross songs. Black Flag's response was to re-record "I Don't Care" with new lyrics. This is the song "You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!", the last track on the Jealous Again EP.

So which is better? If you know me at all, then you know my vote is being given to Black Flag. Don't get me wrong though, even with the stolen song stigma, Group Sex rips. More interestingly however, is how each respective take on the song represents the group. For example, The Circle Jerks, and Group Sex, are enjoyed by most as a quirky and fast punk band - a great representation of early Cali hardcore. Their version matches this description, with it's sped up tempo, fairly clear guitar sound, and shouted vocals. Black Flag on the other hand are a whole other entity, even if this may not have been established at the time of the Nervous Breakdown release. Even just the way their  name is brought up sounds serious and heavy, music verging on psychotic. Their original version of Wasted matches such an identity as it is being formed. For a seminal classic punk 7" (and years before side two of My War was even conceived), the whole sound is heavy as fuck, and not to be messed with. The instrumental opening is simply brooding, whereas the Circle Jerks version jumps in with vocals immediately. The Black Flag version is simply more

In conclusion, the Black Flag version is better because the Circle Jerks version sounds like an angry punk kid, whereas the Black Flag version sounds like a crazy guy who might attack you with a knife. It's simply much more memorable. This will get examined in greater depth later.

Anyway, while we're on a tangent about police or something, remember that you should buy the zine because it comes with the new Germ Attak 7", Death to Cops, with crazy artwork to boot (view side panel). Toronto: my band is playing there on Saturday, I'll bring copies with me.



Sorry for those who ordered zines and have not gotten them yet, I was away in Toronto for NXNE, but I'm back now and they have been shipped. I wished some more Toronto hardcore was playing the fest.

For those who are in Toronto, you can now get copies of the zine at Hits & Misses on Bloor and Rotate This! on Queen West. For those in Ottawa, you can of course meet up with me in person, or Vertigo on Rideau St may still have copies left.

Toronto and NXNE was sweet, long story short saw (in this order) Mudhoney, X, Demon's Claws, Exene and John from X, Man or Astro-Man, Mudhoney, The Stooges, Man or Astro-Man, Cold Cave and a bit of Porcelain Forehead. I took some pictures which I'll upload later if they turn out. Here's a blurry cell phone photo from my Stooges vantage point, standing in front of 20,000 people. Shout out to the guy standing next to me whose shirt comprised of 100 safety pins which slowly would come undone throughout the set.

Also went to 8 record shops in one day; here's the loot from the trip, including a couple things I picked up for friends. Most excited about the Fucked Up 7"s. and the Kill City LP since The Stooges actually played the title track. Gay-Porno resembling VHS tapes are for Finner:

In other Toronto news, my band, Young Stalin is playing the city on July 10th with Point Break from Calgary at Siesta Nouveaux. No flyer yet. But we're playing this show for Ottawa folk.


Transmitting, A Week Later

A week after initially being released, the inaugural issue of the zine about 1/3 gone. Second batch of international orders have shipped, and I hope there are more to come. I'll be in Toronto for NXNE to see the Stooges, X and tons of other bands, so I'll bring some copies down there to attempt to unload on the record shops there. Issue 2 is far away, but anyone with a (good) band who might be interested in releasing a 7" with that issue, get at me.

headed to multiple hemispheres

In other news, this is a repost from the Vinyl Noize blog. Before SST became the infamous record label run by Greg Ginn and Black Flag, it was Ginn's electronics company. Ginn was a smart guy who held many electronics patents, mostly relating to radios. The company's name, Solid State Transmitters, would stick out as he released SST-01, the Nervous Breakdown 7". Listed on eBay now, however, is the real SST-01. The seller doesn't seem to make the connection to the record label. If he did, he'd probably get a lot more attention. Regardless, I'm tempted to bid...


Updated Prices & Moonhop to Moonstomp

Shipping to the US was cheaper than I thought, so the prices have been reduced. I also added options for buying multiple copies.

To tide you over, watch the progression of the following song. A bit of a departure from the music usually covered here but I was talking about skinhead culture with a friend last night.

The song begins as Moon Hop, by Jamaican Derrick Morgan in 1969. Quickly the song is appropriated by skinhead reggae/ska group Symarip. Later in Derrick Morgan's career, he would cater more closely and purposefully to the skinhead crowd. A decade later, with the explosion of two tone and other post punk wave genres, The Specials bring the song back to popularity, and Trojan would reissue the Symarip version. Show this to friends who doubt the non racist origins of the movement.

Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop (1969)

Symarip - Skinhead Moonstop (1969)

The Specials - Skinhead Moonstop (1979)


Zine is Ready!

This 8.5" x 7" (store with your 7"s!) 24 page zine is now ready.

  • New Germ Attak 7", Death to Cops, hand stamped and numbered out of 100.
  • Interview with Pink Eyes (Fucked Up, Pink Eye, Millennial Reign)
  • Belated best of 2009 list
  • Other ramblings

$5 and this is yours. Buy in person, or use toolbar on the right.
You can contact me at 33.3revolutions@gmail.com to arrange a meet up, or just comment if you want to get a copy.


Zine Out ASAP

Alright, everything is compiled and editted, I have new photos thanks to Julie, and I have written some new reviews... so why isn't the zine out?

I keep coming up with new ideas, and thus I keep writing more. So once I finish working on the following pieces, photocopying will begin. This will hopefully by within a week. I wanted to write some things that examined records more closely, as I feel I had been treating them too superficially, as such I'm working on the following:
  • Humour and Sexuality in Later Years Black Flag
  • The Cure and The Smiths: Uncomparable Groups Based on Ideas of Identity
  • Deciphiring Formats: Why Tapes, 7"s or 12"s
I am also about to leave for Toronto in a few hours for the following show, so hopefully I'll have lots of new records to talk about.

Also, Young Stalin are playing a second show; June 27th with Libyans, from Boston, who sound pretty cool. This is again at 443 Kent St. More details coming.


More Corridor Content

Youth Youth Youth, a classic punk band from Toronto, appeared on the BYO Comp "Something to Believe In," which I was given today. I saw them play Fucked Up weekend last year, and although its almost 20 years later, they totally ripped. This comp made me google their name once more, and I found this interview from APB#1, where there was a question relating to Ottawa:

When you played in Ottawa at the YCP festival (in december), how was the crowd reaction?

Well, it was hard on us because we went on the last, and there's this thing in Ottawa, where everyone has to take a bus to get home, because they dont have any all-night transit, and the show wasn't near the downtown core area, so alot of people had to leave early so there wasn't that much audience to react by the time we went on. Well, it was good, I really like the people in Ottawa, I had alot of fun there.

What was this YCP festival, anyone know? Anyways, this comp features many other Canadian bands (DOA, Nils, SNFU, Young Lions etc), and is worth checking out.

In the ~20 year lull between YYY shows, Bryan, the signer, has remained active, as he currently runs Hits and Misses, a great record shop in Toronto. Lots of decently priced used stuff, which is what's important when you're travelling and record shopping. I don't want to waste my time going through the same new bands I havent heard of and thirty dollar re-issues.

Finally, here's footage from their show at Fucked Up Weekend I alluded to earlier. There's videos from their heydey as well, but you can search those out yourself.


This is the Quebec-Windsor Corridor not LA

High Anxiety, the label run by legendary Chris Colohan* is issuing its first LP after a slew of great 7"s culminating with the Omegas 7". This LP will actually be a compilation with the A side being Toronto and B side being Montreal bands. Read more about that here. I'll be interested to see if it will be new songs or recordings, but either way some great bands on there. Most stoked for Career Suicide, Mad Men, Urban Blight (TO); Omegas, Inepsy, Ilegal (MTL). Kinda surprised Fucked Up isn't on there, but I suppose each comp can only handle so much Jonah**.

This corridor is ripping with great bands. Ottawa may be under represented, but in other scenes there are some waves being made. White Wires, who seem to already be well established, have their new LP coming out on Portland's Dirt Nap records, and Mother's Children have something coming out on Deranged*.

* Speaking of Chris Colohan, the new Burning Love 7" is up for preorder on Deranged, with the A side being a single from their upcoming album, and the B side being a Nick Cave cover.
**Speaking of Jonah (guitar in Career Suicide, drums in Fucked Up, everything in Mad Men), Mad Men have some of the best fucking punk songs ever written. Im not just saying oh this would fit in in 1981, Im saying this would have been a must own in 1981. There were originally a few scarce tapes out, but then these were compiled with a bonus track by an anonymous European "bootlegger." It's been out for awhile, and initially sold out immediately, but some copies appear here and there.


What the Fuck is Going On

So if you're keeping up at all with hardcore these days you know that "Mysterious Guy Hardcore" is all the rage, not so mysteriously. We have those chaotic gold rush style Youth Attack updates to thank for that mostly, as thousands of kids F5 the bigcartel page with the hopes of drawing out another few centimeters of cassette tape from a band they've likely never heard. Some of the stuff is good, like the new Veins tape. Regardless, it is all ridiculous.

So now that Youth Attack is getting played out (not really) mysterious bands need to step up their game. Well here's something that I don't fucking understand. Why is the new Total Abuse LP available on BestBuy.com? It's being released on PPM records, but a quick google search finds pre-orders on Bestbuy, and CDUniverse, but no regular punk distros. Bestbuy claims that the original release date is 1910. Rusty Kelley, the singer, is known for his mysteriousness, just check out his lyrics, his blog, his zine, his movie, and all his small run releases for Youth Attack etc.

Next on the mysteriousness is Charles Manson. I don't know how mysterious he is anymore, because few people probably take him serious, which is important when you want to mysterious (they rhyme). Anyway, he has a 7" coming out on Holy Terror records (you know, the label run by Dwid from Integrity, who always uses Manson iconography) limited to 100 on red. Check out this wacky cover art, looks like he's dressed as a cosmo seal. Sounds like some sort of mediocre Blues record.


Jello Biafra

I've spoken a fair bit about the Dead Kennedys on here so I figure this post is appropriate. Last night Jello came through town with his new band the Guantanomo School of Medecine or something. I was contemplating going, and decided I would when I found out Andrew Weiss was playing bass. But then I heard conflicting reports as to whether he was or not, so I saved my money. Anyway, maybe he did play, I'm not sure.

More importantly is Jello was into some local flavour, as apparently he picked up some Sedatives and White Wires LPs. Pretty hard not to be into tunes like these:

Pick up these tunes from Going Gaga, Douchemaster and Deranged.

Young Stalin

So my band played it's first show the other day. We've only had maybe four or five jams, and about the same amount of songs, making our set 7 minutes long. Its like punk or hardcore or something. Cal from Raised By Wolves taped our set, and you can watch it below. Far from flawless but still a lot of fun.

Young Stalin's First Show from Calum Green on Vimeo.

We also have a four track now, so we'll probably attempt to record something soon.

Also I just moved and the record gods have been good to me. I was stressing out because I had a few parcels coming in, and thought that they would arrive after I moved. Instead fortune was on my side and I got my last parcel card the day I moved. I also received a reward for my efforts on a long essay; as I left to go hand it in, a box had been placed at my apartment door, rather than left downstairs. How nice. Lots of new music to play once I get my stereo set up.


Putter Along

Man, am I ever slow. This zine should be out soon. I mostly just need to finish assemblement, which everyday I just contemplate what would be the best way. In related news, I have the Germ Attak 7"s, they've been stamped and numbered, and are just awaiting the zine. Great.

Recently Ottawa hosted its second annual Record Convention, separate from the usual convention that comes to town. It seemed like a huge success, with a lot of vendors, a crazy amount of shoppers, and thankfully room to move unlike last time. There also seemed to be a lot more punk/metal bins, or at least I was able to access more.

I was conservative with my spending, so I jsut picked up Venom - Hell At Hammersmith. It proudly boasts that it's only limited to 10, 000 copies in the UK. In today's Youth Attack underground scene that would be certified Diamond. I also contemplated some Dead Kennedys and Motorhead, but passed.


Road Trippin'!

Yeah so I was thinking about my Record shopping guide to glorious Winnipeg, MB, and thought it would be fun to write another. Note: I wasn't planning on this, and these photos were taken just to the sheer ridiculousness, so they're simply sneaky cell phone photos.

This time I hit up Kingston, ON. This trip was not made to go digging, because driving an equal two hours in the opposite direction would yield much more magnificent results, in Montreal. I went with my pal/band mate Eric to buy a bass cab, and record shopping is an obvious time killer (read: obsessive necessity?).

The first shop we're directed to is Brian's Record Option. I'm gonna get this out of the way, and make this perfectly clear. This graveyard should never be an option for record shopping. If you're in the area, pop in quickly to be amazed that anyone could allow their shop, what they rely on for their income, and where they spend the better part of their week, to degenerate to such an extent. This place looks like WWII bombarded France, where the flooring is not hardwood or carpet, but shattered records and ripped sleeves. The (assumingly) once organized bins are now impossible to slip through,  because not only are they jam packed beyond capacity, but theyre are not even in single file (view photo).

This is the Metal section. No, the Thin Lizzy record was not worth buying. Brian also told us it is apparently alphabetized.

Genres are split haphazardly, and are advertised through means of sharpie on the particle board shelving, or just a decrepit piece of cardboard. Any of the fun or joy one would normally gain through flipping is completely diminished when Brian tells you the new arrival section is the 50 LPs cascading across the floor, like I said, there is no room left in the bins.

I know it's hard to read but this is the "Woman Artist" section... or something.

And what's the point in flipping anyway? Sure there's a record you enjoy here and there, but they're destroyed, a product of their environment. On top of that, they're priced as if they are mint copies. I found a copy of Iron Maiden - Powerslave that looked like someone had used sandpaper to clean it. Devo's Are We Not Men? We Are Devo! had a large crusty stain on the back. Maybe he had used it as a plate during his lunch?

Bingo! The Punk section... oh.. wait. It sucks. And the Picture Disc section appears to only contain one picture disc. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Brian's sanity may be called into question, but I have a feeling this all stems from living in Kingston too long. Anyone I've ever spoken to in Kingston, and the locals I encounter on my sparse visits leaves me with the conclusion that Kingston simply breeds some of the strangest people I've ever had to meet. Use this photo of the "singles" section as an analogy for the typical Kingston mentality.

Where singles come to die. :(

I did noy leave empty handed though. He has loads of tapes, and evolution has graced tapes with a strong plastic exo skeleton that is impervious to the gulag like environment of the record shop, so it was in relatively good condition. It was a Henry Rollins spoken word tape, Big Ugly Mouth, that I got for Finner, who had bought it for me on vinyl years earlier.

The next shop we went to was Zap Records. It was diametrically opposed to Brian's shop, neat tidy and a great atmosphere. The guy working was completely cool to talk to, but unfortunately no records that interested me there. Anyway, everything was alright in the end because less than a week later I went to Montreal to see Fucked Up and got tons of great records at some of my favourite shops. Maybe I'll do a proper guide for Montreal next.

My Montreal finds plus three Fucked Up 7"s I bought off VLV user Doody (The top right 3). Oh wait, and I got Celtic Frost from Eric. But I also got the Morrissey "Suedehead" 12" single as a gift for Ross, so that took its place.

I also found this youtube documentary about Brian, but it does not showcase the ultimate disarray of his shop. It reminds me of that single dude (who am I kidding they're all single) from that documentary Vinyl who stacks all his records vertically.


Week Off

EDIT: Check out the potential cover of the zine on the side panel. Photo Cred to my brother.

About to put in the rest of the work necessary to get this out in Zine form, with the new Germ Attak 7", Death To Cops. Proof as found below. I've been getting lots of records in the mail, many of which tie into previous themes. I got a copy of Regulations - Electric Guitar with a pink cover (Euro Press) and a poster, among many other great finds. I'm going to make up for my online shopping by crate digging in Kingston tomorrow, which hasn't been fruitful in the past, but maybe this time will be different.

Oh yeah, Pretentious Assholes isn't really a label, but when it does release things, releases will be serialized as such: PASS№XXX (Xs are variables, not straight edge in this case.)


Crisis Of Conformity

Hilarious SNL homage to hardcore with a song that evokes a strong Dead Kennedys and Suicidal Tendencies vibe.

Norton-Cadena wedding must be referencing Dez of course, and potentially a member of Husker Du? He also calls up Greg (Ginn), Steve (Zing? Blush? etc), and Lyle (Preslar). Their band is called Crisis (Corrosion) of Conformity, which is actually a really great name.

"When Ronald Reagan comes around, he brings all the fascists to the town."


Downer/Upper Punk (My Mix)

Finner has a project called No Revolution which works in mysterious ways. By day it is a label, by night he hosts mix tapes made by pretentious assholes, who also explain all their choices. I just made a mix, and struggled coming up with a necessary theme, but I figured that out. After many thwarted attempts, I settled on two opposed side to the digital "tape". The A side would be downer punk. Punk songs that create a sense that goes beyond usual passionate anger. Sometimes this passion devolves to apathetic macabre, and I used that as a template to pick songs. Side B is the opposite, upper punk, essentially just upbeat catchy songs that make you wanna move rather than stab yourself in someone else's basement. These songs can still have dark lyrical themes, creating an interesting paradox within the songs structure.

Interestingly, there are also links between the two sides. "Love and Dying in High Society" has male/female vocal interaction that matches that of "Death Valley 69." Anti police jams by the Dicks on Side A and Cockney Rejects on side B, and, well, a lot of Crass.

Please check it out here, and note that the artwork included is meant to be a J Card, turn it into a real cassette!


A Forked Path - The Two Worlds of Collecting Fucked Up

As I mentioned just a few hours ago, I got in a few records today. From Free Cake I got the Virgin Witch 7" I pre-ordered, along with Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions. The Virgin Witch 7" is pretty cool; it's limited to 666 copies (evil!), with a screened cover and B side (the band logo). The first 100 copies had a different colour cover, and a different screen on the B Side (the leviathan style pentagram). Both songs are pretty good, they'll certainly get some rotation over the coming weeks, so not much to say yet, although right off the bat the two songs are very different, and would have worked well serving opposite sides of the record. The first song is very slow, with a long buildup, where as the second song kicks off at a frenetic pace and has a blitz of a solo near the end.

I moreso just had to mention those as a formality, as this post is more concerned with the second package, the new singles compilation from Fucked Up, Couple Tracks. This one was also pre-ordered a few months ago. Thinking back on the process of initially hearing about this record, to actually heaing it today was really an archetypal example of why I love records.I have been following Fucked Up for a few years now, albeit not as long as others, right before Hidden World came out. In my mind, they are not the type of band for the casual listener, and to truly appreciate them, you have to dive right in and explore all their material. It is no secret that they have built a reputation for a constant slew of odd, rare releases spanning many genres of the alternative type. So as it so happens, I became a big fan, and any big fan will attempt to acquire all their releases, as they would with any band.

Fucked Up however, are different than any band, and they truly epitomize the joys of record collecting for me. Part of this lies in fortunate timing, as I am glad I discovered them mid-way through their career, as they began experimenting and evolving from the simple punk/hardcore formula. Being able to say you were there from the start is just some boring elitist sentiment, and makes it seem like you're only still here because it caught on. In my case, with Fucked Up I was able to enjoy the two worlds of record collecting as I see it divided; discovering the old vanguard classics, and following the current evolution of music. You see, finding one of the many, many old Fucked Up 7"s, released before their first LP, is on par with finding some classic Dischord record. Sure Fucked Up are still around, but not strictly in that format, and songs such as "Circling the Drain", "Police" and "Generation" have cemented themselves as classics of this generation, and I get a similar excitement from these songs as punk classics from other times. With their back catalogue so thick, its as unlikely that you'll complete a Fucked Up collection as fulfilling all your classic punk wants.

Meanwhile, following this plethora of golden hits, they're still an extremely active band, in fact amongst the most active of punk bands, as they continue to release material and tour incessantly. At this point the band fulfills my other favorite side of record collecting, and that is keeping up with a band you love, and not only getting what they put out, but watching them evolve, and wondering what they will do next, a question that is constantly asked with a band such as Fucked Up. And with releases coming so often, the excitement sticks around, and doesn't die with some tortuous two year wait time between albums.

I will admit that the one record collecting quality Fucked Up does not fulfill, through no fault of their own, is that following either side of their career is one that must be done online. Surely you can find represses of the classic 7"s in record shops, but the gems are hoarded for eBay, and new records are best to be pre-ordered if you want first dibs, which you surely do. This was the case for the new double LP singles collection, Couple Tracks (Quick hint: Matador seems to always have some coupon, whether its some holiday season, or just because it's a pre-order, so sniff one out before ordering from them!). I ordered it as soon as I saw it, in late October, and knew there would be a couple months  long wait time before I got it, but no worries. Over this time, there were many updates as to what was going on with it, which just added to the excitement of getting the record. Normally I totally forget I pre-ordered something and it's just a welcome surprise when it comes, so this created a different welcomed anxiety.

I first got an e-mail from Matador a month after ordering, explaining that there was now a very limited 7", with the same name and cover as the collection (those tricksters!), that would be sold, as a bundle with the collection, and that because I ordered so early, it would be included gratis. Ideally they probably would have included it as a surprise, but knowing the chaos fans would raise for thinking they missed out on a record, they had to send out an email. As time went on, the Fucked Up blog was posting about both records, with pretty hilarious explanations. Finally I received in the mail today, six days before it's official release date. I listened to the 7" first, excited about  new material. The A side, fittingly, is about record collecting, while the B Side is a positively proud song about the birth of Pink Eyes' son. Listening to it I noticed that the labels were backwards, and finding these sort of oddities about records on your own really rather than reading about them is thrilling as a record collector.

Finally, the compilation of singles and rarities only helps other newcomers to the band understand and appreciate the band, while the faithful fans read the liner notes and laugh at the appropriately unflattering photo on the back of the jacket.



After recently becoming single for the first time in years, my records became even more important in my life, as priorities were shifted around. On top of that, there is no better way to brood than some slow drudgy record with the lights off. That being said, B9 threads such as List reasons why records are better than women. make me wonder if maybe I should just stick with my record collection instead. Best reason posted:

My parents don't have a problem with me bringing a black record home.

In other news I got some records in the mail today, so I'll probably post about those later tonight.


Final Cursed 7" Availible Now!

Released posthumously on Colohan's own High Anxiety records, which is handily distro'd by No Idea. It contains 5 tracks spanning their 3 LPs, but rerecorded from the floor as they would play them. These recordings came from some sort of BBC session. 1000 copies, 100 Black mix, 250 Purple mix, and 650 Gray Salmon.

In other Cursed related new, the single off the new Burning Love LP has had its art revealed. Available soon on Deranged.