This Month's Plans : Issue II

After a long hollow void, WAPA is on its way back with a new issue. I hope to begin printing by the end of September. As for content, there will be interviews with OMEGAS and CULO, as well as some general articles and photography. But in reality, it's worth it just for either one of the interviews. The title of the Omegas LP sums them both up nicely: they're simply Blasts of Lunacy.

Also, it seems the Ottawa Public Library is a fan of X (but then again, who isn't?):

Also, I have already plugged this, but the new Blank Stare zine is out and features an article written by me about arbitrary rarities and coloured vinyl. Check it out here.

End of Summer

EDIT: I totally forgot to put some releases in this, I'll have to redo this post as a result. Shiiiit.

I  suppose that the Earth's axis would claim there are another three weeks left, but with school recommencing in less than a week, I would say otherwise. With August over, another record scores update is due.

Highlights: Blasts of Lunacy Euro press (spins at 45, makes it worth it right there), Germ Attak swan songs, and a mini Sex/Vid collection.

Shoutouts to Blank Stare (pick up their freshly printed zine here), some Toronto guy's distro, Thurston Moore for shopping at Vertigo, and Dead Lights.