Sorry for those who ordered zines and have not gotten them yet, I was away in Toronto for NXNE, but I'm back now and they have been shipped. I wished some more Toronto hardcore was playing the fest.

For those who are in Toronto, you can now get copies of the zine at Hits & Misses on Bloor and Rotate This! on Queen West. For those in Ottawa, you can of course meet up with me in person, or Vertigo on Rideau St may still have copies left.

Toronto and NXNE was sweet, long story short saw (in this order) Mudhoney, X, Demon's Claws, Exene and John from X, Man or Astro-Man, Mudhoney, The Stooges, Man or Astro-Man, Cold Cave and a bit of Porcelain Forehead. I took some pictures which I'll upload later if they turn out. Here's a blurry cell phone photo from my Stooges vantage point, standing in front of 20,000 people. Shout out to the guy standing next to me whose shirt comprised of 100 safety pins which slowly would come undone throughout the set.

Also went to 8 record shops in one day; here's the loot from the trip, including a couple things I picked up for friends. Most excited about the Fucked Up 7"s. and the Kill City LP since The Stooges actually played the title track. Gay-Porno resembling VHS tapes are for Finner:

In other Toronto news, my band, Young Stalin is playing the city on July 10th with Point Break from Calgary at Siesta Nouveaux. No flyer yet. But we're playing this show for Ottawa folk.


Transmitting, A Week Later

A week after initially being released, the inaugural issue of the zine about 1/3 gone. Second batch of international orders have shipped, and I hope there are more to come. I'll be in Toronto for NXNE to see the Stooges, X and tons of other bands, so I'll bring some copies down there to attempt to unload on the record shops there. Issue 2 is far away, but anyone with a (good) band who might be interested in releasing a 7" with that issue, get at me.

headed to multiple hemispheres

In other news, this is a repost from the Vinyl Noize blog. Before SST became the infamous record label run by Greg Ginn and Black Flag, it was Ginn's electronics company. Ginn was a smart guy who held many electronics patents, mostly relating to radios. The company's name, Solid State Transmitters, would stick out as he released SST-01, the Nervous Breakdown 7". Listed on eBay now, however, is the real SST-01. The seller doesn't seem to make the connection to the record label. If he did, he'd probably get a lot more attention. Regardless, I'm tempted to bid...


Updated Prices & Moonhop to Moonstomp

Shipping to the US was cheaper than I thought, so the prices have been reduced. I also added options for buying multiple copies.

To tide you over, watch the progression of the following song. A bit of a departure from the music usually covered here but I was talking about skinhead culture with a friend last night.

The song begins as Moon Hop, by Jamaican Derrick Morgan in 1969. Quickly the song is appropriated by skinhead reggae/ska group Symarip. Later in Derrick Morgan's career, he would cater more closely and purposefully to the skinhead crowd. A decade later, with the explosion of two tone and other post punk wave genres, The Specials bring the song back to popularity, and Trojan would reissue the Symarip version. Show this to friends who doubt the non racist origins of the movement.

Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop (1969)

Symarip - Skinhead Moonstop (1969)

The Specials - Skinhead Moonstop (1979)