L: Winter's Monotony

has bred little in the way of cool scores. I mean there is definitely some great stuff in here, but one would think I could have found a lot more in a four month period. Anyway, here's what I got for the most part. I just realized I omitted some Crass 7"s, The Primal Screamer, and probably some tapes or something.

Highlight reel: Lucifuge as a Christmas gift, one of my favourite records of all time, without a doubt, Italian press of Unknown Pleasures, dollar bin copy of that Zero Boys record (I'm too afraid to listen to it; Vicious Circle is too good), MC5 live fanclub pressing (also a gift), and The Cure A Single (a double 7" of some necro hits). Finally found Violator after a surprising months long search. Despite it being their best selling album (and them being the best selling electronic group of all time), it came out right as cassettes boomed, so I think there are millions of cassettes lying around in moldy American basements.

Shoutouts to: Krista, Eric, Adam, Mike, Vertigo, Turning Point, Deranged, Beatnik, Deathhouse, Deranged, and Painkiller.

Lets talk about contemporary music for a moment. The Culo LP and the Omegas 7" are hints towards the long delayed but eventually forthcoming issue II of WAPA. I had passed on the Slobs 7" when it first came out at a show for 5 bucks, but used for 2 bucks I could not pass up. Hoax may be under heavy hype, probably mostly attributed to "Fagget", but this second 7" is leagues better than their first, except for the terrible lyrics on "Friendship at 500 Feet Per Second" which comes across as an Alexisonfire song. Their set at Deathhouse in Montreal was pretty great, but SQRM's was a bit nuttier.

photo taken from my pal http://www.andrewkwerty.com/

Finally, what's up with the hype on the Boston Strangler LP? I want one, sure, but I really don't really understand the logistics of how it's been selling out so quickly. People anticipate Youth Attack updates, and can F5 that page around an expected date, but how has this LP been selling out in under 2 minutes from several other significantly smaller distros. How does word pass around so quickly? Quickly enough to necessitate people buying it on discogs for the century mark apparently. Regardless of hype, "Primitive" is a stomping track, and their set inside a garage for Not Dead Yet was great. I hope to see them again this summer somewhere somehow.

Closing remarks: March has been quite fruitful, so look for another post soon. The zine meanwhile, has been on hold because I got a new full time job back in September, and that combined with school leaves little time for creative pursuits. That's also why this blog has been relegated to equally narcissistic and hedonistic posts. Anyways, I graduate in less than a month, and hope to continue work on it immediately thereafter.