Making Amends for September

Boom! October is a great month for records I feel. I don't know what it is, I don't even remember what I got last October, but I bet it's great for most people. I actually crossed some major wants off my list, including one that has been in my top ten wants for years now.

The most notable finds here are the ones that I have been searching and searching for, without wanting to resort to ebay, discogs, or whatever other electronic means there are. Those would be first and foremost Bloodflowers, From Her to Eternity, and The Idiot, in that order. I think I may these albums may be entitled to posts of their own.

Other finds of importance: The Cure's "Catch" 12" single, which is significant because it's a German single with the b side being made up of two live tracks from The Cure In Orange performance, which has as of yet only been released on VHS and laserdisc (which had the audio terribly out of sync from the video), meaning high quality versions of these songs are not available. This performance is actually incredible, Simon is a boss in it, and the film is a must see/own for any major Cure fan. All you need to know: they play mostly goth material in an outdoor ampitheatre built by the Romans two thousand years ago. I also got the "Killing The Arab" seven inch, and at a decent deal, but to cut a long story short, I coul've had it for a measly three bucks. It's got that cool embossed centre thing going on that old singles had. Does nobody do that anymore?

Oh and Quickness is awesome. I bought that album on tape in Victoria's Fan Tang Alley back in 2008 or so, and it rips. Even the reggae track. Probably my third favorite Bad Brains album. Stoked to get it on proper vinyl, so I passed the cassette onto Finner. Apparently "Don't Blow Bubbles" is super homophobic, but it kinda just comes across as nonsense (Trash Pits?).

Some new records in there too. Lost Tribe's debut LP is incredible, Condominium I haven't spun too much to be honest. Cutest Band in Hardcore is on No Way, not the legendary Mutha label, so no hype here on that front.

Shoutouts to AK, Blank Stare, Rotate This' 20% sale, Not Dead Yet, Turning Point, the new Sonic Boom in Kensington, trcoffins, Alex and Creem, Blind Prophet, some Zine distro, Grave Mistake, and Hits and Misses.