Downer/Upper Punk (My Mix)

Finner has a project called No Revolution which works in mysterious ways. By day it is a label, by night he hosts mix tapes made by pretentious assholes, who also explain all their choices. I just made a mix, and struggled coming up with a necessary theme, but I figured that out. After many thwarted attempts, I settled on two opposed side to the digital "tape". The A side would be downer punk. Punk songs that create a sense that goes beyond usual passionate anger. Sometimes this passion devolves to apathetic macabre, and I used that as a template to pick songs. Side B is the opposite, upper punk, essentially just upbeat catchy songs that make you wanna move rather than stab yourself in someone else's basement. These songs can still have dark lyrical themes, creating an interesting paradox within the songs structure.

Interestingly, there are also links between the two sides. "Love and Dying in High Society" has male/female vocal interaction that matches that of "Death Valley 69." Anti police jams by the Dicks on Side A and Cockney Rejects on side B, and, well, a lot of Crass.

Please check it out here, and note that the artwork included is meant to be a J Card, turn it into a real cassette!

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