Zine Out ASAP

Alright, everything is compiled and editted, I have new photos thanks to Julie, and I have written some new reviews... so why isn't the zine out?

I keep coming up with new ideas, and thus I keep writing more. So once I finish working on the following pieces, photocopying will begin. This will hopefully by within a week. I wanted to write some things that examined records more closely, as I feel I had been treating them too superficially, as such I'm working on the following:
  • Humour and Sexuality in Later Years Black Flag
  • The Cure and The Smiths: Uncomparable Groups Based on Ideas of Identity
  • Deciphiring Formats: Why Tapes, 7"s or 12"s
I am also about to leave for Toronto in a few hours for the following show, so hopefully I'll have lots of new records to talk about.

Also, Young Stalin are playing a second show; June 27th with Libyans, from Boston, who sound pretty cool. This is again at 443 Kent St. More details coming.

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