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Youth Youth Youth, a classic punk band from Toronto, appeared on the BYO Comp "Something to Believe In," which I was given today. I saw them play Fucked Up weekend last year, and although its almost 20 years later, they totally ripped. This comp made me google their name once more, and I found this interview from APB#1, where there was a question relating to Ottawa:

When you played in Ottawa at the YCP festival (in december), how was the crowd reaction?

Well, it was hard on us because we went on the last, and there's this thing in Ottawa, where everyone has to take a bus to get home, because they dont have any all-night transit, and the show wasn't near the downtown core area, so alot of people had to leave early so there wasn't that much audience to react by the time we went on. Well, it was good, I really like the people in Ottawa, I had alot of fun there.

What was this YCP festival, anyone know? Anyways, this comp features many other Canadian bands (DOA, Nils, SNFU, Young Lions etc), and is worth checking out.

In the ~20 year lull between YYY shows, Bryan, the signer, has remained active, as he currently runs Hits and Misses, a great record shop in Toronto. Lots of decently priced used stuff, which is what's important when you're travelling and record shopping. I don't want to waste my time going through the same new bands I havent heard of and thirty dollar re-issues.

Finally, here's footage from their show at Fucked Up Weekend I alluded to earlier. There's videos from their heydey as well, but you can search those out yourself.

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  1. The singer of YYY owns Rotate This, not Hits & Misses.