This is the Quebec-Windsor Corridor not LA

High Anxiety, the label run by legendary Chris Colohan* is issuing its first LP after a slew of great 7"s culminating with the Omegas 7". This LP will actually be a compilation with the A side being Toronto and B side being Montreal bands. Read more about that here. I'll be interested to see if it will be new songs or recordings, but either way some great bands on there. Most stoked for Career Suicide, Mad Men, Urban Blight (TO); Omegas, Inepsy, Ilegal (MTL). Kinda surprised Fucked Up isn't on there, but I suppose each comp can only handle so much Jonah**.

This corridor is ripping with great bands. Ottawa may be under represented, but in other scenes there are some waves being made. White Wires, who seem to already be well established, have their new LP coming out on Portland's Dirt Nap records, and Mother's Children have something coming out on Deranged*.

* Speaking of Chris Colohan, the new Burning Love 7" is up for preorder on Deranged, with the A side being a single from their upcoming album, and the B side being a Nick Cave cover.
**Speaking of Jonah (guitar in Career Suicide, drums in Fucked Up, everything in Mad Men), Mad Men have some of the best fucking punk songs ever written. Im not just saying oh this would fit in in 1981, Im saying this would have been a must own in 1981. There were originally a few scarce tapes out, but then these were compiled with a bonus track by an anonymous European "bootlegger." It's been out for awhile, and initially sold out immediately, but some copies appear here and there.

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