Putter Along

Man, am I ever slow. This zine should be out soon. I mostly just need to finish assemblement, which everyday I just contemplate what would be the best way. In related news, I have the Germ Attak 7"s, they've been stamped and numbered, and are just awaiting the zine. Great.

Recently Ottawa hosted its second annual Record Convention, separate from the usual convention that comes to town. It seemed like a huge success, with a lot of vendors, a crazy amount of shoppers, and thankfully room to move unlike last time. There also seemed to be a lot more punk/metal bins, or at least I was able to access more.

I was conservative with my spending, so I jsut picked up Venom - Hell At Hammersmith. It proudly boasts that it's only limited to 10, 000 copies in the UK. In today's Youth Attack underground scene that would be certified Diamond. I also contemplated some Dead Kennedys and Motorhead, but passed.

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  1. Hey Spencer, if you want help with it, I know how to layout magazines and newspapers etc.