Enema of the Preorder

I wouldn't normally be one to get excited about any re-issues, but this is definitely something special. Considering this is the band that got me into punk, and punk got me into record collecting, it would be important to own these releases on vinyl. Well Blink 182's Dude Ranch and Enema of the State are being re-released, with a multitude of options. Enema of the State was the first CD of theirs I bought, and Dude Ranch is the obvious favourite, so I'm stoked that these were the two to get reissued. Enema of the State has 6 different colour options, each limited to 500. This album sold like 7 million units, so 3,000 copies will likely sell fast. Dude Ranch has a 180G black release, as well as three colour options, all of which limited to 500 again.

This preorder went live today, but they won't ship until January 12th, so no Christmas gifts here.


  1. This is the "second" press of Enema Of The State. the first 2000 sold quick, these will sell slower because we are on to their game now...

  2. How long ago was the "first" press?

  3. I think the first press was about a month ago only? I enjoy both of these albums, but the way I look at it is that 'Enema' was released 10 years ago. The Dude Ranch lp was released at the time the cd/cassette was released.. so its more true to its release.. Not just a press thats going to make money.. especially like 10 different variations of Enema.. and like 6 Dude Ranch?! crazy. Id rather the original press on black through MCA haha.

    The ebay prices are ridiculous. I think some dude had the first press set (4 lps) for a $350 buy it now! ha! a 180gram copy went for like $80!?

    Same with 'Buddah'.. reissued on black and picture disc.. Interpunk had a copy on orange of 300. I dont know about all of this!

    I noticed a few recently pressed lps.. Copeland's 'Beneath Medicine Tree'.. which sold out because they only pressed 500! on 3 different variations. Shitty! It was also released on a smaller indie label unlike the original Milita Group release.

    Brand New's 'The Devil & God..' was pressed which is understandable.. its already sold out before the release in a month or two? i cant wait to see the price on that shit haha.