I Aint Got Time For This School

Lack of updates is not due to a lack of interest. Rather it is because I have had a lot of school work with it being the end of the semester.

So as a quick post I'm going to plug this new band Virgin Witch. Cool name with even better songs. They are releasing a one sided 7" (screened B side) on Free Cake. It's limited to 666 copies, with the first 100 preorders being special somehow, I think mostly just different colourways. But it doesn't really matter, because those are all gone. This has been on preorder for a long time, with an anticipated release of Halloween, but they didn't make it. It's being screened right now, so should be ready soon. Anyway, you can listen to one song which rips, and has an amazing blitz of a solo here. Id also like to mention that the lyrics are awesome, and the first two lines have been stuck in my head, but not in the kind of way where you want to get them out.

Sights unseen by my eyes
Sights that I recognize

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