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The Misfits's live release of "Evilive" was originally a 7" offered only to Fiend Club members. This pressing is readily identifiable for many reasons; it is a 7" version with the original artwork, but more importantly, on the back cover, there was a drawing of the Crimson Ghost reading a newspaper with the Crimson Ghost on it. If I'm not mistaken this logo was hand stamped, making it all that more special. You could also tell the pressing by the colour of the center labels. Amongst this first fiend pressing there were other special editions limited to 33 or something ridiculous with slightly altered artwork (It gets a little too complicated for the purpose of this post). Later pressings  would have other images on the paper, before moving to a 12" release which would eventually have entirely different artwork. Example of the Fiend Club pressing is shown in picture below, courtesy of the great misfitscentral.com

Anyway, this original fiend club release can easily fetch 600 USD. There is a copy on eBay now that will reach nowhere near that price. This is because the person is advertising it as an original, but it is clearly the 12" reissue, and I have no clue what is going through this guy's head. Maybe he just didn't properly convey what he was trying to say... either way he's wrong.
First pressing from 1987!
Yeah... the Misfits were broken up by then...

Edit: Sold for a whopping 12.50. Pretentious Assholes are smarter than that.

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