Sorta Dull Monthly Roundup

I neither have much in they way or quantity or quality to report here. This picture also has two items that weren't in August's snapshot that should have been, thus reinforcing September's inactivity. Some cool stuff for sure, but nothing crazy, no major wants crossed off my list, no heroic stories. 

At the same time though I don't want to be implying that the releases from RXF or Pukeoid or not of quality, because they rip. Rather they're just not boastable (yet) from a record collecting stand point. The Death In June record is a repress, so that's a snoozer on that front as well. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry is the best tangible find of the month. 

September was a busy month for me with school and a new job, so I guess that explains this paltry effort, but October is young and already has some craziness involved, including two items scratched off my ever changing top ten wants (I want to write it down and make it a static pursuit). It will only get nuttier with a fall reading week offering respite from reality but even more importantly Not Dead Yet before that.

September shout outs to Blank Stare (who put out a Canadian version of the RazorXFade LP, Vertigo, Jo, and someone's Toronto distro which was brought to Ottawa for the Punkottawa garage sale.

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