Chris Colohan (Cursed) Collects

Chris Colohan has a great blog, many great bands past and new, and what must be an expansive record collection.

One of his bands, Burning Love, just completed a UK tour about a month ago. Here's a quick rundown of the BL discography. They recorded a demo tape which was released through Nervehold Records. That sold relatively quickly, and on a Canadian East Coast tour (sold out when they played Ottawa), they dubbed more copies in Montreal. For their UK tour it was pressed to a 7" by 30 Days of Night (Black/Grey/White ltd to 300 and Red/White ltd to 200). That brings us to the present, but the future will be prosperous. They're in cahoots with Deranged to bring a domestic copy of that demo 7", a single for "Don't Ever Change" with a Nick Cave cover on the B-side, and an LP. There's also a potential split 5" in the works with Rot In Hell (haven't heard them but they look like a Holy Terror band, so could be cool), but it's a little unclear who is releasing that.

Anyways, the point of this post was to point out that Chris just updated his blog, where he talks about his record scores from the UK tour. An eclectic mix for sure.

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